Vistio: 20 years of experience in the contact center business. And we’re just getting started.

We bring fresh eyes and an innovative approach to the contact center space.

For over twenty years, our team has worked across industries and government, helping clients optimize their contact centers. Over that time, we’ve learned that the relentlessly consistent problems that lead to poor customer experiences, bad audits scores and unhappy agents can be addressed through simplification. In 2021, we rebranded our company as Vistio and embarked on a renewed mission to change how contact centers work.

The Vistio team

The Vistio team brings decades of collective experience in the contact center technology business. We pride ourselves on bringing an unusually high level of insight and expertise to our client partnerships. We are committed to helping them make measurable, reliable long-term improvements to their contact centers. That’s our entire reason for being in business.

Gregg Antenen
Co-founder and Executive Director

As the Co-founder and Executive Director at Vistio, Gregg Antenen is responsible for the growth and development of customer relationships as well as data analytics and the development of Vistio’s products. In his 25+ years working in the information technology and services industry, Gregg has built a reputation as a constant innovator, founding multiple startups focused on combining automation technology, process innovation, and data analytics to improve customer engagement. He has held leadership roles at Conduent, Xerox, RSA Medical and TransUnion.

Sean Murphy
Co-founder and Chief Technologist

Sean Murphy is the Managing Director – Technology at Vistio. He is responsible for the design, development, configuration, implementation and support of Vistio’s platform and infrastructure and is a results-oriented technology leader with a proven track record of delivering innovative and award-winning solutions in support of business strategy. Sean has held multiple CTO positions during his 20+ years of IT experience, was responsible for the automation strategy and capability for one of the largest BPOs globally and has led multiple IT organizations through rapid growth, acquisition and post-acquisition expansion and integration.

Tom Benton
Head of Operations

As Head of Operations at Vistio, Tom Benton leads the Client Services team, which focuses on implementations, ongoing program optimization, and advancing technology solutions. He values developing trusting, supportive relationships with his teams, clients, and vendor partners. Tom has held executive roles with multiple start-ups and Fortune 500 organizations during his 30+ years in customer engagement, leading customer experience and technology teams at Conduent, Xerox, RSA Medical, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, DirecTV, Telocity, and Sears.