The AI training tool that gives agents all the practice calls they can handle.

ServiceSim is an AI-enabled simulated customer that lets your agents repeatedly practice any kind of customer scenario in a lifelike situation with all of the variables they’ll see in a typical conversation.

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Fight agent turnover and fuel performance with AI-powered training from ServiceSim.

With ServiceSim, agents train with voice or chat in a virtual practice environment that bridges the gap between classroom training and the contact center floor. Whether it’s addressing complex product inquiries, handling irate customers, or resolving intricate support issues, ServiceSim can prepare your agents for any type of customer service challenge.

Train new agents
Upskill tenured agents
Assess applicant skills

Fight agent attrition with more effective training

Typical decrease in agent attrition during training when clients use ServiceSim

When agents feel empowered and know what to do, they’re happier in their work and they stick around. Don’t believe us? See how much you can save with our ServiceSim ROI calculator.

Just like training with real customers—but safer.

Train agents with a cutting-edge AI customer that acts like just the real thing


Replicate the customer side of any interaction with unique and realistic voice or chat conversations that simulate even the most sophisticated customers.

Training managers receive a full transcript of any completed interaction


Trainers no longer need to be constantly watching over agents’ shoulders in order to efficiently deliver feedback, give instruction, and spot issues.

Low cost and simple deployment makes getting started with ServiceSim easy


Deployment of ServiceSim is quick and requires no integrations. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get ServiceSim to closely resemble your customers.

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"ServiceSim has already had a big impact on our training. It significantly enhances our trainers' ability to assist agents in practicing the knowledge and skills required to be successful in training, nesting, and in production. And the cost-effectiveness is impressive – it is easily paying for itself through improvements in agent attrition."
Scott Radzak
Vice President Operations at Faneuil

How it works

ServiceSim is customizable to focus on your industry, scenarios, or product so it helps your agents become experts at handling the exact types of interactions they'll experience working with your customers.

Determine what scenarios you want your agents to practice.
This could be as simple as determining the types of calls that your agents most often get wrong or the types of calls you most often role play in training.
Set up your training scenarios
It just takes a few clicks and a few minutes to set up a scenario. As you go, you can add specifics or change the customer’s mood or attitude—whatever most closely resembles your typical interactions.
Invite your agents
No instruction or training is necessary. We’ve designed ServiceSim to be so intuitive that your agents can login and start practicing right away and you don’t waste a minute of time during training.

How complex can the AI get?

Worried that your interactions are too complex for ServiceSim? Here are some examples that show ServiceSim’s range and complexity in different industries and with sophisticated products. But if you still feel your customer interactions are too complex for ServiceSim, get in touch. Most of our clients say that before they start using this application too.

Lost credit card and address update


  • ServiceSim lets the agent practice multiple customer questions at once
  • Setup time: 5 min

Installing Windows 11


  • ServiceSim helps the agent troubleshoot a complex software issue
  • Setup time: 5 min

Power sander is not working


  • ServiceSim guides the agent through various troubleshooting steps
  • Setup time: 5 min

Building ServiceSim: The Power of Augmenting Humans with AI  

Gregg Antenen discusses how Vistio's innovative approach demonstrates the potential for AI to enhance training, learning, and human performance. As hype for AI continues to grow, ServiceSim stands as a example of AI that is not only powerful but practical in real-world scenarios.

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Common Questions

Does ServiceSim work with voice and chat interactions? 
Yes! ServiceSim can type or speak its responses and agents can type or speak in response.
How does the AI know my company's processes? 
It doesn’t. ServiceSim only knows the information that a typical customer knows and acts like a typical human. So, for example, it may know that it wants to set up an account and it will know it's name and address, but your agents are responsible for guiding them through the process.
How does ServiceSim match customer-level knowledge, especially if we support a pretty complex product? 
We can configure the simulation to respond however it “chooses” to make for more varied and realistic responses and we can also have precise control over particular aspects of the interaction to dictate the customer’s sentiment or to pose very specific and targeted questions. Most importantly, none of this requires much in the way of configuration. Any situation can be set up within ServiceSim either by you or by our team in a matter of minutes.
Does ServiceSim only handle fairly simple interactions? 
Not at all. We can make any scenario as complex as your typical interactions are. Think your interactions are just too complex? We hear that a lot. But with a little input from you and some minimal configuration by our team, we think you'll be surprised how accurately the AI can replicate an extremely complex call that matches what your agents will see on the floor.
Can I try out ServiceSim? 
Yes! We offer a 14-day free trial so you can test out ServiceSim for you and your agents before you buy.
Are ServiceSim licenses transferable? 
Absolutely. We know that not every agent is going to need to train with ServiceSim all the time. So at any point, you can deactivate one user and re-assign that license to another user.
Can the AI have different personalities, like non-technical customers, irate customers, extremely technical customers, or customers who speak different languages? 
Absolutely. Determining your customer characteristics is part of our set-up process which is included in the monthly subscription cost. The best way to demonstrate what we mean is to get in touch and have us set up an example for you.
Can I integrate ServiceSim with my existing QA tool or other systems? 
We’d be happy to discuss with you what integrations make the most sense, but we designed ServiceSim so it didn’t have to be integrated with anything. That way, it’s very easy to get started and it makes an impact in a hurry.