Stand out in a crowded market

Vistio's AgentHub is an agent-focused workflow management software that helps BPOs attract clients and differentiate from competitors.


Stand out in a crowded market

Vistio's AgentHub is an agent-focused workflow management software that helps BPOs attract clients and differentiate from competitors.

Identify the optimal healthcare plans for your customers

Choosing healthcare plans is often complicated and confusing for consumers. AgentHub helps your agents better understand which plans will best serve each customer.

Reduce risks during peak times

During peak times like open enrollment, you need to onboard more agents to handle a higher volume of customer interactions. We help eliminate the risk from that process and ensure quality service even with new agents.

Authenticate customers correctly every time

Authentication is critical in healthcare. AgentHub helps ensure your agents consistently and effectively satisfy all regulatory and compliance requirements so they don’t accidentally divulge private information.

Eliminate rework

In healthcare exchanges, duplicate-issue interactions can create frustration for your customers and your team. AgentHub reduces wasted efforts so your agents can focus on the next customer.

Improve your reporting

With AgentHub, every interactions is thoroughly and consistently documented regardless of what’s covered, leading to more accurate and trustworthy reporting.

Step-by-step instructions for every healthcare exchange workflow.

Guided instructions simplify and de-risk the interaction handling process, so your customers get trustworthy, efficient service and your agents avoid rework.

New Enrollment
Report a change impacting enrollment
Changes in income or dependents
Reinstatement of coverage
And more…

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AgentHub Reporting

You get critical information about what’s happening in your contact center, including key issue identification, advanced data analytics, and opportunities for improvement.

Self-Service Guidance

AgentHub helps your agents connect to the larger company (even when they’re working remotely) and provides them quick access to assistance when they need it.


AgentHub integrates with your other technology systems, reducing the time your agents need to spend searching through knowledge bases and other systems.

Some of the world's most innovative companies rely on Vistio to improve service, empower agents, and reduce costs.

How Vistio works


Our team develops an understanding of your contact center’s process for handling customer interactions and then we build next-best-action guidance for your agents.


We can implement AgentHub in a fraction of the time that other technology solutions take and the time needed from your IT team is just hours, not weeks.


Our team works with yours to help optimize your contact center. You’ll see sustainable improvements in your KPIs in just 90 days.

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Success Snippet

AgentHub puts an end to unnecessary escalations


A health exchange client had many complex call types and a high percentage of escalations to managers, requiring significant hold time and additional staffing to handle. When calls were escalated, there was no system in place to handle escalations efficiently which required still more hold time waiting for managers. Tracking and reporting of escalation issues and agents requiring more help was non-existent.


Workflows within AgentHub gave agents the ability to easily handle complex calls that previously would have been escalated. When calls were escalated, AgentHub would send detailed support tickets to the queue of experts to be handled in the order they were received, streamlining the escalation process and letting the agent move on to helping the next customer. Agents needing additional training and issues across the call center were identified for quick resolution and improvement.


AgentHub workflows increased each agent’s ability to handle complex calls without escalation, significantly reducing escalation volume and handle time. Additionally, streamlining the escalation process further reduced handle time and reduced the cost and effort required to handle escalated calls.

  • Reduced handle time by 60 seconds across 200+ agents.
  • In total, the client was able to cut AHT by 60 seconds per call, saving them hours of time each day. 

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Our customers love AgentHub

With AgentHub, every call is handled exactly in accordance with our policies and legal requirements and with 100% authentication.

Contact Center Manager
Health Exchange

Our agents can focus their energy on resolving customer issues rather than on searching through our knowledge base.

Contact Center Manager
Health Exchange

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