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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Our IT team is scheduled 12 months out, so we don’t have the resources to implement it. 
Implementation is done by our team, not yours. We just need access to your subject matter experts—with little to no involvement from your IT team. Our team also handles any integrations you need with existing tools.
Isn’t this what our existing CRM and knowledge base are for? 
CRM is an essential tool for contact centers, and knowledge bases have historically been a helpful resource, but neither one helps agents find the right answer quickly when they’re busy helping a customer. Vistio creates a bridge between your agents and your CRM and eliminates the need for clunky knowledge bases, putting the relevant information in front of the agent exactly when they need it and without them having to look for it.
When can we expect to see results from Vistio? 
Vistio can make lasting improvements to your metrics in as little as 90 days, saving you money in training and hiring and providing your customers with the best experience possible. Because of increased efficiency and accuracy, faster training, and reduced attrition and headcount made possible with Vistio, our clients typically see at least a 3x return on their investment in their first year.
Click here to calculate your potential ROI with Vistio.
Does Vistio integrate with my other systems? 
Yes. Vistio integrates with everything from the biggest names in CRM to anything with an API.
Who handles the implementation? 
We do. Our team implements, integrates, and maintains our solution for as long as you’re a client—at no extra charge. Where other contact center tools might require you to invest additional time, energy, and money to make it effective, the Vistio team handles the entire implementation and ongoing maintenance. So you get an optimized solution that doesn’t give you more headaches or come with additional costs.
How easy is it to change workflows within Vistio? 
It’s as easy as letting us know. Your dedicated Vistio support representative is with you as long as you're a client.
What size contact centers is Vistio for? 
Vistio helps organizations with fewer than 10 agents to over 1,000. Want to see how much you can save based on your organization’s size?
Check out the Vistio ROI calculator.
What industries is Vistio for? 
Companies from all types of industries use Vistio, including B2C, retail, government, health insurance, health exchange, transportation, tolling, and utilities.
Won’t an agent assist tool like this make my agents sound scripted and robotic? 
Vistio is designed to make your agents sound more human. When agents aren’t scrambling to find answers, putting customers on hold, or feeling stressed because they don’t know how to proceed, they can focus on delivering the most clear, concise, and friendly service. And because agents are able to develop more personal connections with customers, they can deliver better business outcomes.
What does Vistio cost? 
Vistio's pricing is designed to fit any company size and budget.
See our pricing page for more information.
Is Vistio available in languages other than English? 
Si! Oui! Ja! Hai! Shì de! Haan! We can configure Vistio in any language you need.
My company deals with complex problems requiring lots of expertise in troubleshooting.
Can Vistio still help me? 
Yes! Vistio is much more than a simple workflow tool. When you become a client, you’ll get a dedicated Vistio representative who will work closely with you to understand your business and implement an effective solution that can handle even your most complex workflows. And we’ll manage all the changes and optimization, so you’re not left on your own to make the software work for you. After all, it’s not your job to make sure you get the most out of Vistio—it’s ours.