The agent guidance and action interface

AgentHub uses rules-based scripting, responsive step-by-step guidance, and two-way integrations to simplify the agent’s job with a single screen and instantly turn every agent into your best agent.

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What if every agent knew exactly what to do every time a customer calls?

AgentHub combines agent guidance built from your knowledge base and LMS with integrations to your entire tech stack to give your agents a single screen for all of their work. Once the ambiguity, confusion, and clutter are eliminated, agents can quickly and confidently provide quick and accurate resolution to customer inquiries.

Increased efficiency and accuracy
Happier agents
A digital strategy foundation

Significantly improve contact center metrics while delivering a great customer experience

AgentHub users typically see increases in CSAT scores of 3+ points and overall they capture 60% of the remaining possible CSAT score.

AgentHub users saw quality increase 5 percentage points as the number of critical call fails dropped 54%.

First call resolution increased 3.6 percentage points as 35% fewer calls required a second call.

New agents were able to reach their target AHT up to four weeks faster when using AgentHub.

If you eliminate the stress and confusion that agents face, handle times go down, speed to proficiency goes up, quality and CSAT improve, and you reap the cost savings of efficiently and effectively providing customers with excellent support. Curious how much you can save with AgentHub? Try out our AgentHub ROI calculator.

Single screen simplicity for your agents.

Elevate interactions with Vistio's intuitive guided flows


Say goodbye to uncertainty as agents are seamlessly guided with step-by-step instructions, providing instant access to the right answers when they matter most.

Two Way integrations eliminate the need to navigate various systems.


No more time wasted switching between various applications. With Vistio, agents aren’t left sifting through on-screen chaos while trying to help customers.

Actions completed within the interface seamlessly improve productivity.


More than a simple workflow tool that tells you the next step, Vistio streamlines tasks as integrations empower agents to execute actions directly within the platform.

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Curious about integrations? We make it simple.

Vistio’s AgentHub integrates with everything from the biggest names in CRM to anything with an API. This saves your agents time and frustration, pulling information from other systems and putting it at their fingertips.

Best of all, we don’t need to integrate every system for you to start seeing the benefits of AgentHub. Our team starts with the most critical ones and then adds other integrations when it’s most valuable to you.

Get to know AgentHub

How long until we see results?
In as little as 90 days from purchase, AgentHub can make a significant and lasting impact on your contact center performance.
Who handles the implementation?
We do. Our team implements, integrates, and maintains our solution for as long as you’re a client—at no extra charge.
How easy is it to change workflows within AgentHub?
It’s as easy as giving us a call. Your dedicated Vistio support representative is with you as long as you're a client.


With telemetry data from Vistio, you get critical information about what’s happening in your contact center in real time rather than relying on random audits or quality control after the fact. Vistio’s telemetry data can stand on its own or it can easily be integrated into your existing reporting engine. And since the Vistio team configures the reporting for you, you can spend your time analyzing and acting on reports instead of compiling them.

Understand the most frequent topics customers are calling about and the questions they most often ask.

Get insight into the knowledge and abilities of each agent and how each agent is handling each call.

Identify top performers among your staff as well as those who need coaching or additional support.

Common Questions

Our IT team’s calendar is scheduled 12 months out so we don’t have the resources to implement it. 
Implementation is done by our team, not yours. We’ll just need access to your subject matter experts and very little or no involvement from your IT team.
Our existing CRM and knowledge base already does this. 
CRM is an essential tool for contact centers and knowledge bases have historically been a helpful resource, but neither one helps agents find the right answer quickly when they’re busy helping a customer. AgentHub creates a bridge between your agents and your CRM and eliminates the need for clunky knowledge bases, giving your agents the right information when they need it and without them having to know where to look.
We don’t have the budget for this. 
AgentHub can make lasting improvements to your metrics in as little as 90 days, saving you money in training and hiring and providing your customers with the best experience possible. Our clients typically see a 3x return on their investment in Vistio in their first year.