Serve your clients better for less

Vistio's AgentHub is a leading-edge customer experience management software that solves the most pressing issues faced by utility company contact centers.


Serve your clients better for less

Vistio's AgentHub is a leading-edge customer experience management software that solves the most pressing issues faced by utility company contact centers.

Get customers set up quickly

Start your customer relationships off right. Vistio simplifies and speeds up the process for your agents when they’re setting up utility services for new customers.

Effectively navigate difficult situations

When customers have emotional reactions to their bills, Vistio helps agents focus on the customer experience rather than further frustrating them while hunting for information.

Avoid sending accounts to collection

Vistio helps your agents more consistently work out payment arrangements with customers who are behind on their bills, rather than sending those accounts to collection.

Only send trucks when absolutely necessary

Sending trucks to customers’ homes is expensive and time consuming. Vistio ensures your agents do thorough investigations before sending out a truck.

Step-by-step instructions for every utilities workflow.

Give your agents the ability to handle customer interactions more effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s account setup, overdue bills, or service interruptions, Vistio simplifies the interaction handling process with guided instructions.

Turn on/establish service
Make a payment/payment arrangements
Request inspection/repair
Bill review
And more...

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Vistio Reporting

You get critical information about what’s happening in your contact center, including key issue identification, advanced data analytics, and opportunities for improvement.

Self-Service Guidance

Vistio helps your agents connect to the larger company even when they’re working remotely and provides them quick access to assistance when they need it.


Visto integrates with your other technology systems, reducing the time your agents need to spend searching through knowledge bases and other systems.

Some of the world's most innovative companies rely on Vistio to improve service, empower agents, and reduce costs.

How Vistio works


Our team develops an understanding of your contact center’s process for handling customer interactions and then we build next-best-action guidance for your agents.


We can implement Vistio in a fraction of the time that other technology solutions take and the time needed from your IT team is just hours, not weeks.


Our team works with yours to help optimize your contact center. You’ll see sustainable improvements in your KPIs in just 90 days.

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Success Snippet

AgentHub instantly upskills agents to handle complex emergency calls


For a utility client, handling emergency calls for gas leaks or carbon monoxide alarms is critical to providing good service and keeping customers safe. It’s also complex and stressful for agents, so only a limited number of experienced staff were able to handle emergency calls.


The proper emergency handling process was built into an AgentHub workflow to dynamically guide agents during the call so every employee could handle emergencies quickly, accurately, and confidently.


With AgentHub guiding agents through the emergency process, all frontline agents are handling these types of complex calls in a consistent and expert manner regardless of tenure and specialization. This boosted the client’s ability to improve their emergency response without increasing labor costs or increasing the risk of mishandling calls.

  • 3x number of agents with skills to handle emergency calls with less than 30 minutes of training
  • The team previously only had about 20 agents who were trained and able to handle emergency calls; now they have 76. 

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Our customers love AgentHub

Our agents love the guidance that AgentHub provides and they consider it to be an invaluable lifeline on more difficult calls.

Utility contact center manager

We’ve been impressed with AgentHub’s ability to provide analytics on call handling in real time and its ability to unearth issues with specific agents who need more training.

Utility contact center manager

Now each customer gets the experience they deserve whether the agent they’re talking to is a new hire or a veteran CSR.

Utility contact center manager

Since each call is now handled correctly, costs from unnecessary truck rolls have been eliminated.

Utility contact center manager

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Utility Company Simplifies the Agent Experience with Vistio and AgentHub

A Vistio customer in the utilities industry providing electricity and natural gas to millions of customers across a multi-state region finds that call complexity results in unacceptable rates of call failures, high handle times, decreased first call resolution, and decreased CSAT scores.

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