2021 Art of Procurement StartUp & Growth Series with Gregg Antenen of Vistio


Vistio is changing the way the industry integrates technology, people and processes to achieve excellent customer service. Vistio’s Executive Managing Director, Gregg Antenen, recently met with Phil Ideson, the host of Art of Procurement, to discuss how Vistio’s AgentHub helps your agents deliver quick, accurate, and consistent customer service. See the full interview below! 


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The Power of Augmenting Humans with AI

Introducing ServiceSim, a cutting-edge tool that uses AI to augment humans’ abilities rather than replace them, leading to a safer, scalable, more user-friendly, and value-driven solution.

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Vistio Announces Pilot of New Software Using OpenAI’s GPT

Vistio is proud to announce the launch a pilot of new software with several of its key partners that integrates OpenAI’s GPT to revolutionize the way agents are trained and work in contact centers.

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Vistio Featured as HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor: Q1 2022

Vistio recognized as a HFS OneOffice™ Hot Vendor. These are providers hand-picked by HFS analysts to help solve today’s complex business problems.

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