A New Metric For CX

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Talking with Jakob Mattice today about the amazing themes from the ICMI Contact Center Expo in Orlando. Meeting in person, building community and networking with so many great colleagues was so inspiring. Let’s dive in to some of the ideas we share at the conference, namely our focus on Agent Satisfaction as our main metric.

[ 8:38 – 9:28 ] Agent empowerment is when an agent understands and solves the customer’s problem and then goes beyond to make a connection with the customer. As a result they feel like they have purpose in their work and they are adding value.

[ 9:32 – 10:16 ] Improving training practices, to create a connection, even in this virtual world, so agents can have the “why” and the “how.”

[ 10:54 – 12:06 ] Having a good perspective of where you are as an organization and where you want to go. Not making enormous changes, but rather focusing on accomplishing feasible goals.

[ 13;47 – 15:35 ] The intersection between agent experience and customer experience, the ASAT Metric.

[ 15:36 – 17:05 ]  An in-house automotive company cx agent success story.

[ 21:41 – 22:19 ] We are not just building a pipeline. We are building a community. #voa for voice of agent.

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