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When you find your purpose in life, you feel more at peace and experience a sense of belonging like no other. In Japan, this concept is known as “Ikigai” or “your reason for being.” In Milan Batinich’s eyes, there are key teachings that exist within this concept that you can apply to your career and he calls it “JEPPP.” And who else needs that sense of belonging more than your contact center agents? Join our discussion on how JEPPP can become the focal point for your agents, and learn how doing so can help you see ROI in MANY different ways.

[3:55- 6:37] What is JEPPP? J stands for joy and discovering what brings you joy when coming to work. The letter E stands for energy and how being in the proper role for who you are brings you energy. The first letter P stands for passion, and doing the type of work that you are passionate about. The second P stands for peace and creating a calm stress-free environment at work. The third P stands for purpose and finding your purpose in your work.

[11:18- 12:16] Managing and coaching all of your employees the same way will not work. Everyone has different needs that should be met, and one solution does not always work for everybody. It’s important to listen to each of your agents to manage them in a way that will allow them to feel purposeful and lead to success.

[19:46- 20:50] The leaders of companies are so busy with the other aspects of their jobs that they aren’t able to focus on and communicate with the agents. The leaders need to be able to put in the work and communicate to make an employee-first culture. This type of culture is cost effective and will allow the company to have more success.

[23:59- 24:36] There are so many organizations that focus on external motivators rather than internal motivators. Speaking to these internal factors and motivators will allow the employee to be more in touch with their JEPPP and more motivated to work.

Integrating JEPPP into your business and the way that you manage will have tons of benefits to improving the work culture and work quality. Having joy, energy, passion, peace, and purpose in your work will make working so much better.

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