Agent Feedback: The Untapped Value

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If you have a contact center, you’re sitting on a goldmine of customer insights. Everyone knows that! What you may not realize is you also are able to get direct feedback from the people who deal with your process everyday. Longtime friend of the show and now our featured guest, Chafik Abdellaoui is here to share his ideas and experiences in attaining and applying this feedback in the contact center.

[ 7:50 – 8:25 ]  When you have a call center with an environment that is separated it’s harder to make sure that leaders actually receive the feedback from the reps and agents. Alternatively, when everybody reports to the leader, the feedback is implemented more quickly and more easily.

[ 11:15 – 13:47 ]  As a former agent who is now in a leadership role Chafik is convinced that the fewer barriers to feedback, the better. In feedback sessions and “town halls” the bulk of the time needs to be given to the front lines so they can share their feedback.

[ 13:56 – 14:41 ]  Remain connected. Listen to calls, whatever role you are in. And better yet, go a step further by doing shadowing sessions every quarter.

[ 16:37 – 20:40 ]  Agent feedback is priceless, but businesses make decisions using numbers. So where is the balance when you’re operating at a large scale? Make sure you’re shadowing agents from a variety of performance levels so the metrics are helpful in going head to head against the numbers.

[ 27:26 – 28:38 ]  People saying that something is a good idea is not real buy-in. The truth is, we just tend to be agreeable and often offer verbal support of ideas. It’s about actually seeing value and working together on the right ideas that deserves buy-in.

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