Aligning CX Leadership

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Delighted to introduce you to Dave Seaton of Seaton CX. Dave’s consulting firm works with B2B companies to measure, manage and improve their customer experiences. He focuses on leadership, emotional intelligence and getting buy-in for CX.

His weekly newsletter CXPRESSO is for brave CX leaders who want to learn about how to score buy in, how to spur executives to action, how to cultivate a customer-centric culture and how to wrench your funding from the jaws of budget cuts all without arguing or begging.

Topics discussed in today’s episode:
[ 6:40 – 7:09 ] Buy-in is not enough to create change. Listen in to hear what is actually needed.

[ 14:04 – 15:08 ] When leadership isn’t aligned, everyone feels it. We need to put the company initiatives into action.

[ 17:48 – 18:42 ] The sequence of adoption, from early to late adopters and how this shows up among CX stakeholders.

[ 22:24 – 23:12 ] Alignment is a bit of a buzzword now because we all understand what it means for company culture and how valuable it is, but it’s still hard to achieve because we all have our own sets of values.

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