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 Throughout social media, there is a lot of corporate speech that presents a fake perception of how a company runs. It’s easy to posts if you’re a successful business, but how do you become one? Our guest today is Martin Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Lemon Contact Center. Not only do Martin’s posts build respect for his brand, but they accurately reflect his company and its success.

[4:07- 6:45] Are your posts an accurate reflection of your work? Remember that our posts reflect not only our business, but ourselves as well. It’s important to be doing the right thing when no one would see it, so that good actions become the habits.

[11:26- 13:05] Having good service is a cost to your business, but it’s a cost you’re willing to pay. Always show what the company values and make sure that the service is good, all the way down to the little details.

[18:37- 19:35] Your business cannot thrive without care for the environment of the business and the people in it. You can’t manufacture a good working environment, it has to be authentic.

[24:00- 25:10] While most of the time you think you should be using your head over your emotion, emotions are still a very important part of building your culture. Your emotions will guide you in building your work environment.

The appearance of your company is important, but the appearance is nothing without a genuinely strong working environment behind it. Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. Build your culture with strong habits and good service to have a respected brand.

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