Buying the Technology that will Serve Your Agents the Most

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The VP will have an opinion. The C-suite will will want a say. IT’s recommendation will ring heavy in the air. Those in charge of operations, training, marketing and quality assurance will each have their own goals in mind. When it’s time to buy CX technology, though, we believe strongly in keeping the agents in mind. The agents’ use and satisfaction with the technology will affect customer experience every step of the way.

Today we welcome Joe Rice founder of CXponent for an in-depth discussion of the technology buying process. Exponent helps companies build or reset their tech stacks for CX organizations.

Topics discussed in this Episode:

  • [02:57] In the end organizations are judged on their customer outcomes and their business outcomes.
  • [08:30] Joe Rice’s three guiding principles: 1 – Be really specific around your desired customer experience.
  • [09:08] 2 – Embrace your constraints: timeline, cost, what other systems or tools are under contract, etc.?
  • [09:43] 3 – Be intentional about the decisions and trade-offs down the road.
  • [20:44] Balancing the competing priorities in CX to achieve overall organizational success.

Thanks for tuning in to this veritable CX Buying Master Class today!

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