Recorded for Quality Assurance Podcast

Recorded for Quality Assurance is an interview series where we talk to the world’s leading CX experts about industry trends, CX technology, and simplifying the process of delivering great customer service.

On this episode of Recorded for Quality assurance, we are joined by Mark Hillary, renowned author and leader in the CX space. Tune in to hear about his unique career journey, his original view on CX technology, and how the CX industry is often on the cutting edge of implementing emerging tech.
On this episode of Recorded for Quality Assurance, we welcome Joe Rice, CEO of CXponent. Tune in to hear Joe share his insights on CX technology implementation, stakeholder participation, the importance of organizational alignment, how to drive the benefits of contact center technology and more.
This Episode of Recorded for Quality Assurance features Tom Benton, the Head of Operations at Vistio. Tune in and listen as Tom shares his unique insights into the main pain points from the perspective of the contact center agent, manager, and risk management professional. He also delves into some of the failsafe solutions to these pain points that he has developed over his long career in the industry.
On this episode of Recorded for Quality Assurance, we are joined by Rod Jones. Tune in to listen to this pioneer of the contact center industry discuss the importance of setting clear processes for contact center agents, the importance of executive participation and how Henry Ford would have made a brilliant contact center operator.
On the pilot episode of Recorded for Quality Assurance, we're joined by Peter Ryan, Principal at Ryan Strategic Advisory. Tune in to listen to this CX expert discuss the importance of providing contact center agents with the right solutions, understanding their needs and tailoring the solutions to suit their requirements; the future of CX and practical career advice for contact centers leaders.

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