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Recorded for Quality Assurance is an interview series where we talk to the world’s leading CX experts about industry trends, CX technology, and simplifying the process of delivering great customer service.

Agents are working in the front lines just as much as your sales team, so it’s important that they are being treated right. This starts with the leaders and the empowerment that the leaders give to their agents to do their job properly. Business will thrive when they put focus on their agents and their experience.
Managing a contact center is no easy task. Any given contact center can take upwards of 1,000+ calls a day. Whether you're a part of a BPO, an auto dealer, or in telecommunications, how exactly can you retain a mighty workforce to handle that kind of workload?
Today we’re analyzing actual stories and case studies of the unintended consequences of performance management systems with our guest Dave Seaton.
Continuing the topic of AI, today we are being joined by Doug Rabold to discuss how AI impacts the quality of our work and how can learn how to properly use AI. We’ve seen before in sales and marketing how new technologies can shape the market and this can happen with AI in CX too. To make sure that there is a growth in quality, it’s important that we educate ourselves on the capabilities of AI and how to properly use it to our advantage.
We continue to explore AI and its impact on the CX community, specifically by viewing the relationship of human intelligence versus artificial intelligence. Fred Stacey joins us as we discuss the rapid growth of technology and how the acceleration of innovation makes AI an important part of business.
As technology continues to advance, AI is being integrated into businesses everywhere. So how does Al impact CX? AI is seen as one of the most efficient ways to cut costs and increase efficiency, which are very important parts of CX. In today’s episode, we are joined by Kory Kostecka to discuss AI and its role in CX.
Investing in and adopting agent-focused technology into your CX business can be a great way to improve your efficiency and benefit your company. Today we are joined by software expert, Adam Saad, to discuss the benefits of integrating agent-focused technology into CX.
Throughout the greater CX industry, there are so many benefits to being involved in a community. Today Rob Connelly and Jakob Mattice, discuss the impact that communities have on the CX industry.
Today we welcome back Jeremy Hyde Director of Customer Service for Sun Country Airlines to discuss how to appropriately help employees who are facing crisis in their personal life.
Since most of the CX focus is centered around the customer experience, it is easy to forget about the equally important agent experience. Engaged and supported agents make a large difference in your company and can either help or hurt your business. Today we will be discussing tips for how to keep your agents engaged and improve your brand.
Question: Why is this the job of a Call Center Agent a job no one wants? Answer: 2 reasons: 1. Agents call people; and people don’t want to be called. 2. People have to call companies because something in their life isn’t working properly and there is an issue that they are already frustrated with.
On today’s episode, we are super excited to welcome back our guest Sheri Kendall. Sheri is an expert in CX training analytics and is here to help us connect CX training analytics to our business outcomes. Sheri shares the 3 main areas of analysis: content, trainer, and design.
Contact centers sometimes take a lot of heat for issues with the functioning of their call centers that end up actually being business issues disguised as call center issues. Suzi Earhart of McorpCX is all about solving problems, giving love, life-long learning and helping others reach their full potential, so she’s here to help us show agents some love today!
Despite attempting to accomplish the same goal, the West’s version of CX is quite different culturally than the East’s version of CX. In today’s podcast we will be addressing the differences between the two areas. Representing the East’s perspective we have today’s guest Vaishali Dialani, who will be discussing with us the cultural disconnect between the East and the West.
Today Jakob Mattice and Thomas Laird talk about the role that AI will play in the call centers of the future. Question: Do we really think Artificial Intelligence is going to take out the role of the contact center agent? Answer: It already has, but there is no way AI can replace agents completely.
Throughout social media, there is a lot of corporate speech that presents a fake perception of how a company runs. It’s easy to posts if you're a successful business, but how do you become one?
Getting buy-ins is everything in CX leadership, so it follows that it would also be the #1 problem that CX leaders struggle with. Today, with the help of Dave Seaton, we will be explaining how to build buy-in and how to appeal to your stakeholders.
Today we are talking about the growing expectation from that market that our companies are bringing value to the world. There is a demand for ethical businesses that make the world a better place. Value-based businesses truly reach their customers. With labor being sourced off shore what are our opportunities and responsibilities as companies?
We just witnessed the Southwest Airlines holiday meltdown of 2022. Due to winter storms, 60% of Southwest’s December flights were canceled, leaving over one million customers were affected. Now, with the help of Brannon Stacy, Global Business Development Manager at Fusion, let’s take a closer look at what Southwest did right.
Welcome to the show! Today we’re diving right in with two real life customer service calls we recently had in our personal lives as customers. Let’s talk about what makes a helpful and seamless experience versus a frustrating experience. Let’s talk about tools, policies and responsiveness.
Back in front of the mic today to talk about agent satisfaction and how to effectively compensate and motivate our most important assets.
Jakob Mattice sits down with Kory Kostecka from RemX to discuss his insights into the ways we are staffing our call centers and how we can improve our hiring. Our standard screening questions when hiring new call center agents focus on hard skills instead of the soft skills that really move the needle with brand loyalty.
Let’s welcome Fred Stacey back to the podcast! Today we’re discussing the unique challenges related to the global nature of CX in addition to the improvements we’re seeing. We’re just always encouraged by the data which time and time again proves that positive agent experience directly correlates to high performance and profit growth. It’s just the reality. This is why we are creating a metric to measure agent experience so that companies can leverage employee support programs even more.
You’re going to love our guest Leslie O’Flahavan and her refreshing take on the way we empathize with customers. She’s passionate about shifting the burdens off of CX agents so they can focus on connecting with the customers.
Delighted to introduce you to Dave Seaton of Seaton CX. Dave’s consulting firm works with B2B companies to measure, manage and improve their customer experiences. He focuses on leadership, emotional intelligence and getting buy-in for CX. His weekly newsletter CXPRESSO is for brave CX leaders who want to learn about how to score buy in, how to spur executives to action, how to cultivate a customer-centric culture and how to wrench your funding from the jaws of budget cuts all without arguing or begging.
Talking with Jakob Mattice today about the amazing themes from the ICMI Contact Center Expo in Orlando. Meeting in person, building community and networking with so many great colleagues was so inspiring. Let’s dive in to some of the ideas we share at the conference, namely our focus on Agent Satisfaction as our main metric.
In CX when issues aren’t resolved quickly it’s a lose-lose situation. The CFO wouldn’t be happy about the amount of time invested in trying to fix the problem and the customer actually becomes more determined to leave the brand. Long term, multiply this out and think of the outcomes facing your business. What is the fate of your market share?
Dovetailing nicely with our Agent-Centric Call Center Philosophy is the objective today to discuss Employee Experience. What can we still do to enhance the work life of our employees? How can we engage with them and support them? Today we are talking with Fred Stacey about his experiences in call centers, both helping to build them and helping them in recovery.
We’ve got a special episode for you today! We recorded this conversation on October 4th, the 10th annual CX Day! Meet our fantastic guest Jim Tincher who is the author of the book Do B2B Better which is available now. Jim is here to talk to us about activating employees in ways that truly benefit them. Call center work is so important and we know that, first hand, as consumers in our lives outside of work. The role of an agent is the most important factor in our customer service and our customer satisfaction. So let’s dive into how to activate our agents!
Customer service tops the in-demand skills list. We need agents with these skills to take care of our customers. And, then we need to take care of our customer service agents in return, or they’ll leave. They will. They have other options in the employment market. Start to see the agents as long-term fixtures and assets in your business. Offer them career development opportunities and invest in them. Feature agents' accomplishments. People want to be recognized, not just compensated.
There is a lot of rhetoric in this industry surrounding buzzwords like digital transformation and value proposition, and we need to comb through that chatter to get back into the agent’s chair. Leaders and management should go down to the call center floor and take a call or answer a chat to remind them what it’s like. This will give them the perspective they need to make a qualified decision on what the agent and consumer need to get the job done.
The shift in labor dynamics that we’ve seen over the last two years has given call center agents the advantage of being able to work from home, take new jobs without having to relocate and elect better opportunities as they come along. Contact centers have been impacted by this new power dynamic.
Today we welcome Martin Anderson cofounder and CEO of Lemon. Lemon is a BPO is that different approach to its employees and their careers. Today we are talking about improving the lives of our CX agents so that they have supportive training, work-life-balance, and a safe place to vent so that we can extend and elevate their roles in the company promote the longer success of the business.
The VP will have an opinion. The C-suite will will want a say. IT’s recommendation will ring heavy in the air. Those in charge of operations, training, marketing and quality assurance will each have their own goals in mind. When it’s time to buy CX technology, though, we believe strongly in keeping the agents in mind. The agents’ use and satisfaction with the technology will affect customer experience every step of the way. Today we welcome Joe Rice founder of CXponent for an in-depth discussion of the technology buying process. Exponent helps companies build or reset their tech stacks for CX organizations.
When most people think of trauma, they think of people who fought in wars or who have witnessed crimes. This is not always the case and most often, trauma can be found in any extended period of stress, including being a CX Agent. We are grateful to be joined by Jeremy Hide, in today’s episode where we will be discussing how trauma can be caused in the workplace, along with how to positively work through the trauma and the related triggers agents face.
You’ll say you have competing priorities and you’re right. On one hand we have profitability and the other we have people. We can’t deny the importance of revenue and profitability, but, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we believe in focusing on the agent. Today we welcome Hui Wu-Curtis from supportU to talk with us about the all-important business buzz-word: company culture.
Jeremy talks about the main priority, as he sees it, regarding technology in a contact center: It should boost customer self-service. Data shows that customers would rather not call a contact center to resolve their problem, preferring any option that enables them to solve the issue independently. When he’s evaluating contact center technology he’s looking for ways to boost self-service.
In many ways our call center agents act as our brand ambassadors all day long, talking to our customers and we believe in taking care of these agents. We need to provide them with effective training to set them up for success. They are holding up important positions on our front lines! Let’s build a solid foundation relationship with them so they represent us well. Let’s offer them a work environment where the departments of our business function cohesively. Let’s integrate their training right into their work seamlessly. Most importantly let's have their back and stand by them so they can thrive.
The call center agent is the single most important asset that you have. Training, technology buying, and positive team dynamics should all promote the well-being of the agent. Call centers are facing new labor and economic problems. Agents now often work from home and can change jobs easily in search of the best company culture. Data shows customer experience is suffering and a recession is looming. We need to improve customer experience while being mindful of these financial demands. The answer is the agent. With the right training, tools and connection with your company the happy and fulfilled agent can keep your customers, produce more and contribute to the long-term success of your business.
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