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Recorded for Quality Assurance is an interview series where we talk to the world’s leading CX experts about industry trends, CX technology, and simplifying the process of delivering great customer service.

There is a lot of rhetoric in this industry surrounding buzzwords like digital transformation and value proposition, and we need to comb through that chatter to get back into the agent’s chair. Leaders and management should go down to the call center floor and take a call or answer a chat to remind them what it’s like. This will give them the perspective they need to make a qualified decision on what the agent and consumer need to get the job done.
The shift in labor dynamics that we’ve seen over the last two years has given call center agents the advantage of being able to work from home, take new jobs without having to relocate and elect better opportunities as they come along. Contact centers have been impacted by this new power dynamic.
Today we welcome Martin Anderson cofounder and CEO of Lemon. Lemon is a BPO is that different approach to its employees and their careers. Today we are talking about improving the lives of our CX agents so that they have supportive training, work-life-balance, and a safe place to vent so that we can extend and elevate their roles in the company promote the longer success of the business.
The VP will have an opinion. The C-suite will will want a say. IT’s recommendation will ring heavy in the air. Those in charge of operations, training, marketing and quality assurance will each have their own goals in mind. When it’s time to buy CX technology, though, we believe strongly in keeping the agents in mind. The agents’ use and satisfaction with the technology will affect customer experience every step of the way. Today we welcome Joe Rice founder of CXponent for an in-depth discussion of the technology buying process. Exponent helps companies build or reset their tech stacks for CX organizations.
When most people think of trauma, they think of people who fought in wars or who have witnessed crimes. This is not always the case and most often, trauma can be found in any extended period of stress, including being a CX Agent. We are grateful to be joined by Jeremy Hide, in today’s episode where we will be discussing how trauma can be caused in the workplace, along with how to positively work through the trauma and the related triggers agents face.
You’ll say you have competing priorities and you’re right. On one hand we have profitability and the other we have people. We can’t deny the importance of revenue and profitability, but, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we believe in focusing on the agent. Today we welcome Hui Wu-Curtis from supportU to talk with us about the all-important business buzz-word: company culture.
Jeremy talks about the main priority, as he sees it, regarding technology in a contact center: It should boost customer self-service. Data shows that customers would rather not call a contact center to resolve their problem, preferring any option that enables them to solve the issue independently. When he’s evaluating contact center technology he’s looking for ways to boost self-service.
In many ways our call center agents act as our brand ambassadors all day long, talking to our customers and we believe in taking care of these agents. We need to provide them with effective training to set them up for success. They are holding up important positions on our front lines! Let’s build a solid foundation relationship with them so they represent us well. Let’s offer them a work environment where the departments of our business function cohesively. Let’s integrate their training right into their work seamlessly. Most importantly let's have their back and stand by them so they can thrive.
The call center agent is the single most important asset that you have. Training, technology buying, and positive team dynamics should all promote the well-being of the agent. Call centers are facing new labor and economic problems. Agents now often work from home and can change jobs easily in search of the best company culture. Data shows customer experience is suffering and a recession is looming. We need to improve customer experience while being mindful of these financial demands. The answer is the agent. With the right training, tools and connection with your company the happy and fulfilled agent can keep your customers, produce more and contribute to the long-term success of your business.
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