Contact Center Staffing – BPO (Outsourcing) Partnerships — Jeremy Hyde

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The Perfect Blend: AI’s Technology And The Human Element In Modern CX Training — Stacy Sherman

AI doesn't just offer automation; it can elevate the entire agent learning and development process, making training more aligned with real-world scenarios, more adaptive to individual agent needs, and more proactive in offering timely support and feedback.

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The Power of Augmenting Humans with AI

Introducing ServiceSim, a cutting-edge tool that uses AI to augment humans’ abilities rather than replace them, leading to a safer, scalable, more user-friendly, and value-driven solution.

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Contact Center Staffing – Virtual, Geographical-Focused Sourcing Strategies — Jeremy Hyde

In this post, we'll explore an aspect of many modern staffing strategies: virtual, geographical-focused sourcing.

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