Empowering Women Leadership in Customer Experience (CX)

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Live from CCW in Las Vegas, we’ll be bringing back one of our “CX QA Live!” regulars for a very special topic. Serving as a director for ACEL, Co-Founder and COO of Support U, it’s our dear friend Dr. Hui Wu-Curtis speaking on the most important asset in your CX leadership teams. Also, we have Stacy Sherman in the host seat this week and we’re anticipating some CX greatness to happen, so don’t miss it!

[2:29- 2:54] We as women feel like there are only so many spots at the top and we are all fighting for them. This isn’t always true, and because of this it’s hard to ask for help. We don’t want to show vulnerability and we always want to achieve. So it’s easier for us to just figure it out for ourselves than to ask for help.

[7:50- 8:53] There are so many great options for technology to help with the work, but many people are afraid that the tech will replace the worker. New tech has lead to a focus on how to bring the humanity back into CX. Women leaders are important for this task, because they tend to be more conscientious about the human and emotional elements of their staff.

[15:33- 15:54] If we want to be leaders in our businesses, then we need to be okay with the uncomfortable when we ask for that higher pay or leadership role. Let’s feel it and move through it.

[21:34- 22:17] The biggest teachers are mistakes. So taking moments were you made mistakes and using them as growth moments and building blocks helps improve your ability to be a good leader. It’s important to have a safe space to make mistakes and be able to reflect and learn from them.

As women working in CX it’s important that we go for leadership positions and support one another in our work force. You don’t have all the answers and you don’t need all the answers, so let’s help each other out!

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