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Despite attempting to accomplish the same goal, the West’s version of CX is quite different culturally than the East’s version of CX. In today’s podcast we will be addressing the differences between the two areas. Representing the East’s perspective we have today’s guest Vaishali Dialani, who will be discussing with us the cultural disconnect between the East and the West.

[ 4:40- 6:03 ] There are a lot of variables that lead to cultural disconnect that can factor in. Knowing what these variables are can help us fix them and lessen the disconnect.

[ 10:56- 11:39 ] One of the leading factors in cultural disconnect is a lack communication from management to the frontline agents. Communicating with and understanding the frontline worker’s experiences is the best way to improve customer experience.

[ 17:10- 18:55 ] If both the West and the East were given the exact same call and the exact same customer, there would still be a difference in that customer’s experience. The customer would have a different expectation of how the call would go and would different opinions about the outcome of the call.

[ 21:33- 25:20 ] There are four key things that organizations can do to break down the problem of cultural disconnect. The first is understanding the perspectives of the frontline workers. The second is actually learning and seeing the differences between the East and the West. The third is having cultural training and learning what type of culture the customer prefers/expects. The fourth is having a standardized marketing strategy, but adapting it to different areas.

Even with all the differences between the East and the West, it is possible the lessen the cultural disconnect. Remember, improvement over perfection. We can do this!

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