Designing CX Training to Drive Optimal Business Outcomes

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On today’s episode, we are super excited to welcome back our guest Sheri Kendall. Sheri is an expert in CX training analytics and is here to help us connect CX training analytics to our business outcomes. Sheri shares the 3 main areas of analysis: content, trainer, and design.

[ 7:44- 9:54 ] The first area of analysis is content analysis. This is all about gathering data and asking the right questions to find out if or what changes need to be made.

[ 11:36- 12:41 ] It’s important to think about your business partnerships. Communication is important, so it’s necessary to keep your communication and your relationships strong. This allows you to better work out problems and find out if the problem is with the training or a need for new tools.

[ 13:31- 16:05 ] The second main area of analysis is trainer analysis. This is done through well thought out smiley sheets. While smiley sheet questions tend to be very surface level, so it’s more effective to chose the right questions that lead to action.

[ 19:52-21:08 ] The final main area of analysis is design analysis. A good design includes everyone and has plenty of diversity. It’s important to make sure that everyone sees themselves in the teachings.

There are many different areas of analysis that are crucial in making sure that our businesses are running smoothly and with good customer satisfaction. Using these CX training analytics will greatly impact business outcomes.

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