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Many would argue that business is all about sales and playing the numbers game. Guess what? They’re wrong. The truth is, without customers, there is no business. Join us, along with Philip Bennett, as we reveal why focusing on customer experience agents is vital to servicing, not just your customers, but quite literally everyone.

[ 3:57 – 4:29 ] What does your customer get when they choose you over your competitor? They get YOU!

[ 10:34 – 11:43 ] My job as the manager is to assign the credit and take the blame.

[ 11:56 – 14:09 ] We say ‘Fail hard, fail fast.’ But do we really allow people to do that? Or do we punish them? Management literally pays for agent’s to make mistakes We’re paying for their education so let’s keep them around so we can benefit from that! Kenneth adds “The leader takes the bullet. The team takes the glory.” That’s real buy-in and leadership.

[ 16:54 – 18:12 ] What should CEOs say when they are asked the question, “What keeps you awake at night?” I never hear them answer the way I think they should. They should say, “What keeps me up at night is that the very person who talks to my customer, representing my company, using my voice, is the person who everyone in the company is trying to downsize, automate or outsource.” That’s the biggest shame in the world.

[ 22:05 – 23:35 ] Asking front line agents for ideas is one of the best things you can do.

[ 24:55 – 25:04 ] It’s the small ideas that are the great ones to implement, not the big, flashy ones.

[ 26:32 – 29:14 ] After AI comes into the call center we may even need more agents because volume will increase, automation will take care of mundane tasks and agents will be needed for more intricate calls.

Let’s remember that everyone is a customer, and customer experience is everything to our company.

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