Transform CX With ServiceSim and AgentHub

By Tom Benton, Vistio Head of Operations

Here at Vistio, we’ve always been focused on building technology that helps contact centers get the most out of their agents. Obviously, the job of an agent is very difficult, and we’ve found in our decades of experience working with contact centers, that by improving the training agents receive, and then providing real-time on-the-job assistance, you can significantly reduce the stress and frustration agents feel while simultaneously improving the level of service they deliver.

That combination of improved training and real-time assistance is what led us to develop our AgentHub and ServiceSim tools. And we’ve found that the combination of the two—a more realistic training environment and a call guidance tool that can be used both in training and production—produces agents who can deliver exceptional efficiency and quality in the real world of production interactions and who enjoy their jobs and are more likely to stay in their role.

How do ServiceSim and AgentHub work together?

ServiceSim creates highly realistic simulated customer interactions, mimicking genuine customer needs, responses, and behavior. This helps agents gain practical experience and prepares them for the wide range of scenarios they might encounter when they start talking to real customers.

AgentHub complements this by assisting agents during those live customer interactions. It offers a user-friendly interface with suggested wording and prompts, guiding agents on what steps to take, what to say and ask, and what information to provide. This eliminates the need to rely solely on memory, promoting consistency and accuracy in responses. It also builds confidence and trust in the agent’s abilities, resulting in a smooth customer experience.

How do AgentHub and ServiceSim make each other more effective?

What sets this duo apart is the seamless transition they create from training to real-world scenarios. During training, ServiceSim provides a valuable platform for practicing a wide range of realistic customer interactions. However, it doesn’t offer specific advice on the next best step. This is where AgentHub comes in. AgentHub is used in both simulated and live customer environments, making the skills learned in training directly applicable in practice, and it acts as a reliable companion to agents, offering a user-friendly interface with clear steps to handle interactions, whether they’re practice scenarios from ServiceSim or actual customer interactions in a live setting.

We’ve found that the combination of our two products produces agents who can deliver exceptional efficiency and quality in the real world of production interactions and who enjoy their jobs and are more likely to stay in their role.—Tom Benton, Vistio Head of Operations

AgentHub’s intelligence is like an experienced agent always at the agent’s side, providing guidance on what to say and do next. It functions much like the GPS in your car, guiding agents step-by-step to successful customer interactions. This support is continuous and remains with agents for every call.

By using both ServiceSim and AgentHub together in training, agents can practice realistic scenarios with the same workflow and next-best-step guidance they’ll use in actual customer interactions, ensuring a smooth transition from training to real-life customer interactions, and fostering a culture of ongoing learning and effective service delivery.

What are the specific benefits of the combination?

  • Faster speed to proficiency
  • Improved consistency and accuracy
  • Improved agent confidence
  • Seamless transition from training to production
  • Predictable new hire performance
  • Lower attrition rates

How does the combination of the two align with our approach to solving CX problems?

In our view, training should not only teach effective customer interaction and engagement, but also give agents the skills to use the systems they’ll encounter in their actual job. This comprehensive approach prepares them for what they’ll see on their screens with AgentHub, what they’ll say to customers using both AgentHub and ServiceSim, and what they’ll hear from customers through ServiceSim.

Our products, ServiceSim and AgentHub, perfectly align with our approach to solving customer experience (CX) problems—by improving the training agents receive, and then providing real-time assistance during an interaction, we can reduce agent stress and frustration, improve agent confidence and proficiency, while significantly improve the overall level of customer service.

What if I don’t want or need both?

Each of the solutions is designed to deliver significant value on their own. Implementing ServiceSim first is a common approach among our clients. It’s a quick, easy first step to driving quality and growing agent confidence that provides immediate results. You can learn more about ServiceSim here and AgentHub here.

Learn more about AgentHub or ServiceSim.

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