From Victim to Hero: Fostering a Heroic Culture — Jeremy Hyde

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The Business Case for a Best Friend at Work Culture — Sheri Kendall

The research is in, and the results are positive. According to a A 2022 Gallup poll, best friends at work are good for business.

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From Simulation to Success: The Dynamic Duo of ServiceSim and AgentHub

By improving the training agents receive, and then providing real-time on-the-job assistance, you can significantly reduce the stress and frustration agents feel while simultaneously improving the level of service they deliver.

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From Victim to Hero: Heroic Adaptability — Jeremy Hyde

Sometimes it feels like the only constant in the contact center world is change. Whether it's adapting to new technologies, evolving customer expectations, or unforeseen crises, the ability to navigate change can set you and your team apart from all the rest.

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