How to be “People Fertilizer” as a Contact Center Leader

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Have you ever heard of “People Fertilizer?” While it might sound like something out of the 1973 dystopian thriller “Soylent Green,” we promise there’s no human composting involved. Rather, we’re going to be focusing on how you can help your contact center agents grow into incredible, hard-working leaders. Lisa Guzman is here to help elucidate what exactly it takes to be the “people fertilizer” in your contact center, and why you need to start doing it today!

[5:32- 6:37] What is being a “people fertilizer”? Everyone knows that fertilizers provide the proper nutrients that allow plants to grow faster. So as a people fertilizer, you look at the reports and see what is missing. After the gap is identified, you can align yourself and your plan with your employees and fix it.

[10:18- 11:02] Lisa Guzman shares with us her four magic words that she uses all the time whether it’s with new hires or people trying to level up. These words are “I believe in you”. While these words are very simple, most of the people who are in these struggles have never heard them. I believe in you, because I know you are capable.

[16:23- 17:04] There’s this sandwich that you are put in as an agent where you get flack from your leaders, but you’re also dealing with customers yelling at you too. This can be a lot of pressure for someone in customers service, which is likely why there is such a high turnover. There are several ways to relieve those pressure points that businesses should look into and implement.

[20:50- 21:20] The people working in customer service are actually brand ambassadors for their company, as most of the time they are the only form of contact that the customer has with the company. You want to be feeding into and developing those people. The customer service reps are the company’s voice.

Customer service is very important to a company’s brand. It can make or break your business and when it comes to maintaining the image and brand, customer service is a very important aspect. Really taking the time to develop and strengthen your customer service team is very important to the growth of your company.

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