Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence in CX

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In today’s episode, we will be continuing to explore AI and its impact on the CX community, specifically by viewing the relationship of human intelligence verses artificial intelligence. Fred Stacey joins us as we discuss the rapid growth of technology and how the acceleration of innovation makes AI an important part of business. AI can do a lot for CX, but it’s important to remember the significance of humans intelligence and emotion in customer relations.

[ 8:30- 9:17 ]  With AI being pushed into CX, the CX community now has the opportunity to make sure that the tough questions are being asked and deep, important conversations are being had. The integration of AI into CX will be unlike anything we’ve seen before, because of the speed and acceleration of not just innovation, but the adoption as well.

[ 12:59- 14:08 ]  Agents aren’t going anywhere. It’s simply a myth that people will stop calling for customer support. Until absolutely everything can be done by an AI, there will still need to be call centers and agents because there will be situations where they need to talk to real people.

[ 18:40- 19:55 ]  People who start as agents and then move up the company learn about the nature of business from the front lines. Agents in this position are able to move up and do more valuable work in new roles, which can put humans ahead of AI.

[ 23:30- 24:20 ]  AI has already grown so much over the years due to people being rushed to have the best algorithm. Some people will always try to take the rails off of it and just let it run. This is were government intervention may come into play, however the government may have a hard time intervening.

While the fast growth of AI may seem daunting, the point of discussions like these is not to push fear, but rather to have better, more realistic conversations. Having AI replace certain tasks is not terrible as long as we make sure that the things we are freed up to do make us more human, and the things we are giving up are not core to being human.

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