Mistakes to Avoid in CX Training

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What a great episode today! Sheri Kendall, leader of the CX training team of Wayfair returns to talk about training safe, successful and satisfied agents!

FYI: If you haven’t had a chance to listen to episode 17, be sure to go back and catch that episode next to hear even more from Sheri Kendall.

In CX when issues aren’t resolved quickly it’s a lose-lose situation. The CFO wouldn’t be happy about the amount of time invested in trying to fix the problem and the customer actually becomes more determined to leave the brand. Long term, multiply this out and think of the outcomes facing your business. What is the fate of your market share?

Sheri helps us recognize some of the mistakes we make in CX training:

Be careful never to say “just customer service.” Customer service is often the only interaction your customers have with your brand besides marketing.

Allow agents to be human at work, they are, after all, literally tasked with interacting with our human customers.

The script, the process, the tech: Please have a note screen so the agents can document the call and facilitate all future calls with that customer. Agents can be an “agent of peace” for the customer and win major customer loyalty.

Highlighting other topics we discussed:

[ 6:52 – 7:27 ] Empathetic customer service at its best: understand my issue and resolve it quickly.

[ 16:12 – 16:27 ] When agents get to show up as themselves, the customer experience is better. Empathy and connection can be present.

[ 19:15 – 20:22 ] If your job is to connect with another human and you don’t even feel that you belong in your work environment, that’s not complementary. It helps to understand how your job plays into the bigger picture.

[ 22:05 – 23:42 ] An IRL experience with a policy that was quite ‘anti-customer’ where the agent empathized with the customer, reassured the customer that the leaders do care and empowered them to provide feedback. This interaction was a success because there was psychological safety in that CX work environment that allowed the agent could connect with the customer.

We have a special announcement for the CX Industry tomorrow, on October 25th LIVE at noon Eastern Time at ICMI in Orlando where we are broadcasting with Jeremy Watkin. We very excited to share our news; it’s going to help CX leaders understand what’s happening within the agents’ experience and make better business decisions!

Keep asking questions and we’ll get better together!

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