Overcoming the Challenges of Omnichannel for Agents

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Let’s welcome Fred Stacey back to the podcast! Today we’re discussing the unique challenges related to the global nature of CX in addition to the improvements we’re seeing.

We’re just always encouraged by the data which time and time again proves that positive agent experience directly correlates to high performance and profit growth. It’s just the reality.

This is why we are creating a metric to measure agent experience so that companies can leverage employee support programs even more.

Topics discussed in today’s episode:

[ 4:32 – 5:17 ] Having fewer US-based CX candidates means looking to other countries for customer support representatives who can man the phones and man the chats. The benefit of this trend is that those agents love their CX jobs and they do very well.

[ 7:33 – 8:32 ] Fred saw firsthand the challenges with expansion of Dell and early-stage Microsoft going over to India, the language and cultural barriers. The truth is that we are so much more of a melting pot now; we don’t have the same issues. Fortunately, we have technology developing that can simulate accented speech, which over the next 5-10 years will continue to bridge communication.

[ 15:56 – 16:53 ]  Since moving away from a manufacturing economy, we evolved from a service economy to an ideas economy, coming full circle on this globalization dynamic.

[ 18:41 – 19:03 ] Employees choose to work for companies they believe in. They care about the “how” and the “why” behind their company.

To listen to a recording of this and other episodes, visit vistio.io/podcasts. And to join our show live each week, go to vistio.io/cxlive.

To listen to a recording of this and other episodes, visit vistio.io/podcasts. And to join our show live each week, go to vistio.io/cxlive.

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