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Welcome to the show! Today we’re diving right in with two real life customer service calls we recently had in our personal lives as customers. Let’s talk about what makes a a helpful and seamless experience versus a frustrating experience. Let’s talk about tools, policies and responsiveness.

Focusing now on the voice of the agent:

[ 9:55 – 11:21 ] The results are in and 65 percent of CX agents don’t think of CX as their career, and 40 percent want to leave CX as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately, we see the self fulfilling cycle of turnover that our friend Leslie Oflehaven calls “the lasagna of stupid.” We don’t invest in our agents as much as we could because they don’t stick around. And they don’t stick around because we didn’t invest in them enough.

[ 12:40 – 14;03 ] The agents who do see CX as their career are most happy with the ability to work from home.

[ 14:03 – 16:35 ] People are taking stock of 2022. Is work what drives you? How is your overall well being as a person? Working from home is fitting into their life. The ability to work from home is actually more important than pay. Be careful about the push to return to the office.

[ 21:42 – 24:27 ] There are some great lessons and opportunities for discussion in the book The Customer Rules by Lee Cockerell. One point to highlight is that we should become an expert at creating experts. Another lesson is to surround yourself with smart and confident people. Let those people be equipped and freed up to thrive in their role.

[ 26:25 – 28:00 ] Don’t give responsibility without authority. Giving responsibility without authority sets your center up to have a high rate of escalations because you’re not letting the agent resolve the customers’ issues on their own. All of those escalations are going to increase your costs.

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