Strategies For Doing CX (and AX) Right!

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We are very excited to welcome Stacy Sherman with us back on the podcast to discuss how to do CX and AX right. Agents are working in the front lines just as much as your sales team, so it’s important that they are being treated right. This starts with the leaders and the empowerment that the leaders give to their agents to do their job properly. Business will thrive when they put focus on their agents and their experience.

[3:49-4:40] Agents are humans too, so just imagine being in their position. If you don’t have the right technology and tools to properly help the customer, then the you’re going to be frustrated and the customer will notice it and feel frustrated as well, causing a much larger ripple effect with no solutions.

[10:45-11:42] Leaders in brands need to take feedback and use it to build strategies and implement changes. Agents are integral to that, because they are chatting with the costumers every day. Often times brands don’t rely on the agent feedback, and that is a mistake. There is so much benefit to including agent input in these discussions.

[18:44-12:05] Technology can improve efficiency, as it helps agents do their repetitive tasks. The technology allows the agents to actually focus on the customer experience rather than doing their other small tasks. Secondly, technology helps agents, by giving them a larger access to information, which improves and speeds up the customers’ experiences. Technology also helps agents with communication and collaboration with other agents.

[25:45-27:36] Agents are expecting to be able to work how they want, when they want and where they want. Agents also know there are a lot of opportunities for them to do gig work. It’s important that business understand the other options that are available to agents. Put an emphasis on the agent experience and that starts with the right leadership. The companies that are going to win have a dedicated team and are not just checking boxes.

Agents will go where they are treated well and it will be seen in the business’s bottom line. This is just the reality. The reality we are now in is very different than it was three years ago and those changes need to be seen and implemented in our businesses.

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