The Contact Center of the Future

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A big welcome to Thomas Laird AKA The Call Center Geek, the host of the podcast Advice From a Call Center Geek! and the Founder and CEO of Expivia.

Today Jakob Mattice and Thomas Laird talk about the role that AI will play in the call centers of the future.

Question: Do we really think Artificial Intelligence is going to take out the role of the contact center agent?

Answer: It already has, but there is no way AI can replace agents completely. The contact center agent is not going anywhere. That role needs to evolve though.

The bottom line is that we want AI-enhanced agents.

We don’t want agents that are assisting AI.

We want AI that is assisting agents.

We may start to see some brands identifying themselves as having 100% human interaction just as we saw food brands boast being 100% organic, because we value that human connection.

Topics we discuss:

[ 4:30 – 5:18 ] Chat GPT is finally getting to the point where it’s helping us. Ask again in 10 years, but for now it seems, agents still have an important role to play.

[ 7:13 – 8:02 ] Chat CPT is being utilized as a call center agent. This may seem like a new and shiny idea, but don’t forget that we need a line of agents ready to step in when AI hits its limit of understanding.

[ 8:32 – 9:13 ] How AI assistance could really make an agent’s job easier.

[ 10:17 – 12:33 ] How do we prepare ourselves for AI taking call center jobs? We are digging into levels of what technology can do. Perhaps off shore call center jobs are a little more vulnerable to being replaced by AI because we’ll always have higher tier issues needing to be solved by agents with a mastery of the English language.

[ 20:16 – 21:53 ] Imagine Digital adoption and the meta-verse. Put on your VR headset and imagine walking into various stores to act as a consumer and resolve customer service issues. It’s coming.

Right now, we feel about AI, the way 1994 felt about the internet. Innovation comes when we’re most uncomfortable and that’s what’s happening right now. We’re growing into AI. s

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