The Impact of AI on CX Quality

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Continuing the topic of AI, today we are being joined by Doug Rabold to discuss how AI impacts the quality of our work and how can learn how to properly use AI. We’ve seen before in sales and marketing how new technologies can shape the market and this can happen with AI in CX too. To make sure that there is a growth in quality, it’s important that we educate ourselves on the capabilities of AI and how to properly use it to our advantage.

[ 7:37- 8:03 ]  A good understanding of a particular tool allows you to make good use of the tool. If you just start with the tool and don’t know how to use it, then you will feel the negatives of the tool far more than the benefits.

[ 12:11-12:34 ]  You’ve got to make sure that these tools work with your long term strategy, not just the flavor of the day. The data shows that there are uses for AI in CX, but it has to fit into your overarching business strategy. Don’t just throw it in there because everyone else is doing it.

[ 17:09-19:08 ]  It’s much easier and cost effective to keep current clients happy than it would be to find new ones, however it’s being found that it’s much harder to do so when taking the agent out of the equation. No one wants to talk to a computer, and frustrations can be raised when it’s difficult to speak to a human. Many people prefer talking straight to humans, especially in high tension situations.

[ 20:56- 21:22 ]  If an AI agent can fully understand humans’ emotional needs than that would not be good. The more power we give a tool, the more power can be used in different ways that we may not like or benefit from. It’s important to view the ethics of advancements like AI.

At end of the day, customers come first so it’s important that AI improves their experience. AI has the potential to be a helpful tool, but it’s up to us to make sure we are using it properly and educating ourselves to create the best possible quality.

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