The Impact of AI on Today’s Labor Realities in CX

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As technology continues to advance, AI is being integrated into businesses everywhere. So how does Al impact CX? AI is seen as one of the most efficient ways to cut costs and increase efficiency, which are very important parts of CX. In today’s episode, we are joined by Kory Kostecka to discuss AI and its role in CX.

[ 5:34-6:54 ]  AI is an enhancement, not a replacement. While some calls with simple questions can easily be answered by an AI, there are plenty of calls and questions that require a human with emotions to answer. Emotional intelligence is an important part of CX and as AI is integrated into CX, emotional intelligence will be more desired in the hiring process.

[ 9:54- 10:43 ]  There are two ways to look at AI involvement. The first way is through direct interaction with the customer, and the second way is through internal factors that the customer does not see. When using AI for internal factors, the AI is being used as a resource rather than a replacement.

[ 16:16-16:56 ]  A good example for how to properly use AI is a Sharpie. A Sharpie is a tool used with the intention to write. If the lid is on or a hand can’t hold the Sharpie, then the Sharpie is unable to accomplish its goal. Just like a Sharpie or any other tool, we need to be informed on how to properly use AI. In CX, this means starting with the customer and what the customer wants to accomplish.

[ 18:07- 20:34 ]  Human beings want to adapt to efficient processes. Think of ATMs. People were a bit weary of them when they were first introduced, but they realized that basic functions were something a machine could automate. For the banking industry, ATMs lowered the cost of function and led more banks to being opened up, overall helping the banking industry and the jobs of tellers

AI is a necessary next step to take when working in CX. However, AI should be used as an enhancement rather than a replacement to make sure that your business is as efficient as possible.

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