The Importance of Empathy in CX Interactions

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In today’s episode we are joined again by Dave Seaton to discuss the topic of empathy and how it can be used to improve CX interactions. It’s very important to make sure that your customer feels heard in their emotions, so we will be diving into what empathy in CX looks like, as well as how to show empathy in CX.

[3:13- 5:02]  There are 3 types of empathy. First is cognitive empathy which is rationally understanding what emotion someone is feeling. The second type is emotional empathy, which is mirroring the feelings that someone is feeling. The third type is empathetic concern, which is a combination of the two and then being motivated to do something about it or help out.

[10:11-11:25]  Empathy is important in CX, because humans have an emotional need for it. All humans want to be respected and clients who receive empathy are more likely to participate in pro social behavior. Pro social behavior means actions that are good for society as a whole and not just as an individual.

[15:19-15:53]  It’s not just the negative emotions that the customer wants to feel empathy with. It’s just as important for the customer to feel seen in their positive emotions as well.

[22:32-24:43]  FBI negotiators use empathy to talk down criminals and the same tactics can be used to improve customer service. While you may not be in a hostage situation, cognitive empathy still holds a lot of power.

Reach out to Dave Seaton to learn more about empathy and emotional intelligence.

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