The Job No One Wants

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Q: Why is this the job of a Call Center Agent a job no one wants?

A: 2 reasons.

1. Agents call people; and people don’t want to be called.

2. People have to call companies because something in their life isn’t working properly and there is an issue that they are already frustrated with.

Today Jakob Mattice welcomes Jacob Shields to talk about improving the call center agent role .

If the agent is even remotely the kind of human who takes another person’s frustration and anger personally, the agent is going to be on the receiving end of a lot of negativity.

[ 8:01 – 8:49 ] Call Center Agents who are passionate about helping people want to work for a company who supports them in being able to make customers happy.

[ 11:24 – 12:39 ]We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Happy cows make happy milk. So if we’re really serious about the emotional wellbeing or our agents this is what we need to do. When an agent has a tough call send them out for a walk and a chat with someone who can hear them out.

[ 17:59 – 20:16 ] Your front line staff is very important. You have to talk to them. If you don’t understand the root of the problem get used to high turnover. How many leaders have called into their own companies? Be the customer and see what it’s like to talk to your support team. Can we use that experience to figure out ways to help the agents?

[ 21:44 – 23:10 ] Try something new, course correct, and try something new again. After about 3 months the agents start speaking up about their ideas to improve the call center.

We are defying physics and allowing influence to trickle up instead of only trickling down. We’re championing servant leadership and challenging all business management to go visit their own call center, learn the job and take some calls.

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