The Metrics Obsession that’s Killing the Customer Experience – Dave Seaton

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5 Must-Have Elements for Customer Journey Maps — Dave Seaton

A well-crafted customer journey map can show you where to invest your limited resources to create the greatest impact on customer experiences and business objectives. But if you’ve never created a customer journey map before, it’s hard to know what to include.

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The Great Debate: Price Versus Customer Service in Securing Brand Loyalty — Stacy Sherman

In the quest to understand where consumers decide to invest their money, the battle often lies between the allure of an unbeatable deal and the promise of an exceptional experience.

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Why Contact Center Quality Assurance Matters — Jeremy Watkin

QA is an essential practice in any contact center — arguably that you cannot live without. While contact center managers are busy and overworked these are the true reasons why QA is so important.

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