The Perfect Blend: AI’s Technology And The Human Element In Modern CX Training — Stacy Sherman

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The Business Case for a Best Friend at Work Culture — Sheri Kendall

The research is in, and the results are positive. According to a A 2022 Gallup poll, best friends at work are good for business.

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From Victim to Hero: Fostering a Heroic Culture — Jeremy Hyde

Heroes aren't solitary figures. They thrive in a culture that encourages and supports their success. I like the way my friends at IntouchCX say it - "Ironman Had the Avengers".

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From Simulation to Success: The Dynamic Duo of ServiceSim and AgentHub

By improving the training agents receive, and then providing real-time on-the-job assistance, you can significantly reduce the stress and frustration agents feel while simultaneously improving the level of service they deliver.

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