Why a Voice of Authority (VOA) Playbook is Essential

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It’s very easy for companies to claim they support improving the agent experience and giving them a voice. But how do you actually demonstrate that? Well, for Jeremy Hyde it’s just a matter of creating that space for your agents. Join our session today to learn how you can create an action plan for your contact center, with no financial investment required!

Topics we discuss:

[ 3:54 – 5:45 ] What’s the difference between saying that you care about giving your agents a voice and actually having a Voice of the Agent playbook? Until you have a specific plan, VoA activities just feel like one more thing you need to remember to do. Hope isn’t a strategy. “What gets measured gets managed.” Make it part of your day in a very specific way. Talk is one thing, but if you put goals, measurements, and accountability in place you are actually showing that the agent matters to you.

[ 11:33 – 12:12 ] The driving force is seeing a pattern of attrition. Let’s implement improvements and ideas before it’s too late. So that you can make a case to upper management about implementing agents’ ideas, get your stats in order for how many hours per year are unproductive and what your percentage of attrition is.

[ 17:14 – 19:03 ] The feedback we get from our team members is, “I’ve never worked anywhere else where my feedback is valued so highly” and “Thank you so much for explaining why.” We are building serious goodwill with our team when we listen to our agents. Do you show how much you care for and respect what they bring to the table?

[ 23: 00 – 25:40 ] Here are some specific ways to respond to verbal agent feedback and how to make sure their comments, ideas and suggestions go through the full review process. Let it be anonymous, but be timely and 100% transparent about each piece of feedback that has been submitted and the status of reviewing it. Over time, you’ll prove cynics and nay-sayers wrong. You’ll prove that you actually care about agent feedback.

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