Values and Value in CX

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Today we are talking about the growing expectation from that market that our companies are bringing value to the world. There is a demand for ethical businesses that make the world a better place. Value-based businesses truly reach their customers.

With labor being sourced off shore what are our opportunities and responsibilities as companies?

[ 3:21 – 4:34 ] What is impact sourcing? Impact sourcing is the idea that you would open up a new labor market, agents, in a location where the ability to pay those agents according to the overall contract value and the other business dynamics represent a massive positive change economically for those societies. Your employees will love their jobs and your customers will benefit directly.

[ 11:48 – 13:28 ] It shows when companies take care of their employees. Then those employees are able to turn around and offer true help and real compassion to customers.

[ 14:15 – 15:24 ] Companies need to work on retention because of the stressful difficulties agents face. There is shifting value from the employees’ perspective and how much they actually believe in the company they work for.

[ 20:31 – 23:10 ] The ways that employees are treated matters a lot. If our business wants to maintain their position in their industry and continue to be a market leader we need to improve this part of our reputation.

[ 24:52 – 25:40 ] Your org chart should have customers are on the top and leaders on the bottom. The leader should be serving those who serve the customer.

Pair all of this focus on the values and the heart of your business with excellent performance and you’ll have a strong combination.

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