Vistio Announces Pilot of New Software Using OpenAI’s GPT

Vistio is proud to announce the launch a pilot of new software with several of its key partners that integrates OpenAI’s GPT to revolutionize the way agents are trained and work in contact centers.

Already a leading provider of technology for the contact center industry, Vistio is leveraging its extensive experience and the power of AI to empower agents to provide better customer service, improve speed to proficiency, and reduce costs, all while improving the agent experience for both new hires and tenured agents.

“With the addition of OpenAI’s GPT, we’re doing more than just bolting on an AI tool to our existing products,” said Sean Murphy, Co-founder and Chief Technologist at Vistio. “We’ve built an AI-enabled tool from the ground up that uses AI in a unique way and that we are confident will change the way our customers think about training from the moment they start to use it.”

“Vistio already has a long history of building tools that simplify and streamline contact center operations, which makes us uniquely positioned to leverage the power of OpenAI’s GPT to drive even greater value for our customers,” said Gregg Antenen, Vistio’s Co-founder and Executive Director.

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The Power of Augmenting Humans with AI

Introducing ServiceSim, a cutting-edge tool that uses AI to augment humans’ abilities rather than replace them, leading to a safer, scalable, more user-friendly, and value-driven solution.

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Vistio Featured as HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor: Q1 2022

Vistio recognized as a HFS OneOffice™ Hot Vendor. These are providers hand-picked by HFS analysts to help solve today’s complex business problems.

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2021 Art of Procurement StartUp & Growth Series with Gregg Antenen of Vistio

Vistio's Gregg Antenen recently met with Phil Ideson, the host of Art of Procurement, to discuss how Vistio helps your agents deliver quick, accurate and consistent customer service.

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