How Workflow Management Software Simplifies and Improves the Agent Experience

The key to ensuring agents deliver excellent customer service is to simplify their job. When their jobs are easier, agents train faster, stay longer, and are happier.

In many situations, agents are the face of a company—acting as the only point of human contact. So it stands to reason that when agents are good at what they do—and enjoy doing it—customer satisfaction and loyalty increase in kind.

More technology isn’t the solution.

“One of the things we know is that when agents aren’t happy with the tools they’re being provided, it creates a very tough experience for a consumer that’s phoning in or interacting over a digital channel.”—Peter Ryan, CX Specialist and BPO Advisor

Organizations often deploy technology that’s overly complicated and isn’t user friendly. And that’s where agent frustration builds, leading to increased dissatisfaction, attrition, and associated costs.

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Technology that considers what your agents need and can be used intuitively removes guesswork and frustration and ensures customer issues are resolved efficiently and effectively.

Agent-focused workflow management software is the answer.

“If your agents are sitting there watching the clock, waiting for the end of their shift, swearing because they have to do things like cut and paste customer numbers from one application to another, then you’re not going to deliver great CX. So using tech to improve the life of the agent is fundamental because then you can focus on the CX side as well.”—Mark Hillary, CX Industry Analyst

Agent-focused workflow management software simplifies and enhances the agent experience. Instead of making your agents scramble through ALL the information on their screen to find an answer, workflow software gives them the right answers right when they need them.

And your customers get the service they expect.

Workflow management software that works for your agents.

So how do you know which technology is the best technology for your agents? Just ask them. What do they need to be more effective? Productive? Happy? What would make their job easier?

When technology supports the agent experience—instead of hindering it—issues are resolved efficiently, accurately, and uniformly and customers get an unforgettable experience.

See how Vistio simplifies and improves the agent experience.

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