Competitive Job Offers and Agent Retention

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The shift in labor dynamics that we’ve seen over the last two years has given call center agents the advantage of being able to work from home, take new jobs without having to relocate and elect better opportunities as they come along. Contact centers have been impacted by this new power dynamic.

Let’s give a big welcome to Kory Kostecka from RemX. In the CX industry they focus 100% on the people. They create customized work force solutions and get the right talent in the door.

Topics discussed in this episode:

[5:37 – 6:27] What is behind “silent quitting” and “ghosting” in the interview process? How companies can improve retention with “stay interviews.” Instead of and long before an exit interview, sit down and negotiate the possibility of them staying.

[10:45 – 12:03] Data shows that to new hires, pay, work-from-home compatibility, job security, shift flexibility, career advancement opportunities and culture are the most attractive factors in a new position. Applicants have multiple job offers.

[16:56 – 18;36] Besides compensation, companies are going to have to look at new ways to attract agents.Technology and working conditions rank high on the list of importance.

[18:38 – 19:00] The biggest reason agents look for other jobs: 41% say they feel overworked.

[27:50 – 29:37] For agents, as you look for better opportunities, make sure your resume shows longevity and loyalty. If you’re going to look for another job here’s how to do it right.

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