Creating Opportunities for CX Agents

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Today we welcome Martin Anderson cofounder and CEO of Lemon. Lemon is a BPO is that different approach to its employees and their careers. Today we are talking about improving the lives of our CX agents so that they have supportive training, work-life-balance, and a safe place to vent so that we can extend and elevate their roles in the company promote the longer success of the business.

Topics discussed in this episode:

[12:30 – 14:11] Lemon’s vision is to create opportunity for their people.

[15:51 – 18:09] Historically the CX agent role has been difficult and transient but in the new market, the technology involved the the agents’ role is helping to elevate jobs into careers.

[12:20 – 20:00] How can we focus on agent experience when we need to be focusing on customer experience? this is a business and we need to make a profit. Ultimately the agent looks after the agent who looks after the customer.

[25:16 – 27:37] The better why. Values in action. If you care about your industry, product, service and brand, then make decisions that are years, decades and generations ahead and not for a quick buck right now.

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