The Relationship Between Engaged Agents and Brand Differentiation

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We are super excited to welcome Stacy Sherman of the podcast Doing CX Right onto our show today! Since most of the CX focus is centered around the customer experience, it is easy to forget about the equally important agent experience. Engaged and supported agents make a large difference in your company and can either help or hurt your business. Today we will be discussing tips for how to keep your agents engaged and improve your brand.

[ 5:54- 6:33 ] You have to invest in your agents. The work of the agents will reflect the support they receive and it effects the customers as well. Your customers can tell when your agents are supported and valued.

[ 10:29- 11:06 ] The difference between the best companies and the mediocre companies is having a team dedicated to agent experience. This is an area that needs more than just one person. It needs a whole team dedicated to supporting your agents.

[ 12:35- 13:02 ] You have to give your agents the proper tools to succeed. This will allow them to save time and make their processes easier.

[ 17:15- 18:00 ] Agents thrive in a community and it’s important that your company creates a space where a community is possible. Your agents will create communities themselves and those could be potentially destructive or negative, so you need to provide a positive community for them.

[ 21:16- 22:47 ] There are many great and positive outcomes that come with having engaged agents. They will stay loyal and your customers will stay loyal as well. You’ll also find that your agents will do better work and go above and beyond.

It’s important to cultivate an area where your agents are supported and engaged. When people love what they do and have a meaning behind it everyone involved will have a positive experience.

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