Relieving CX Agent Trauma

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When most people think of trauma, they think of people who fought in wars or who have witnessed crimes. This is not always the case and most often, trauma can be found in any extended period of stress, including being a CX Agent.

We are grateful to be joined by Jeremy Hide, in today’s episode where we will be discussing how trauma can be caused in the workplace, along with how to positively work through the trauma and the related triggers agents face.

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Tune in to learn about:

  • Understanding how CX agents may develop trauma from negative customer interactions and the stress of working in an organization
  • Recognizing what it might feel like when a trigger causes a traumatic experience to resurface
  • Skills that can help you reflect and grow from your past trauma like journaling and therapy
  • How leaders in the workplace can improve to better relieve trauma responses and when to utilize professional help
  • Managing the customers that cause significant trauma to agents and ensuring the right conversations are taking place

To listen to a recording of this and other episodes, visit And to join our show live each week, go to

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