The Adoption of Technology, CRMs in CX

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Vistio’s Co-Founder Gregg Antenen joins us today to discuss the adoption of technology in CX. As you may know Vistio provides software, technology and tools to equip CX agents, namely Customer Relationship Management software or CRMs.

There is a lot of rhetoric in this industry surrounding buzzwords like digital transformation and value proposition, and we need to comb through that chatter to get back into the agent’s chair. Leaders and management should go down to the call center floor and take a call or answer a chat to remind them what it’s like. This will give them the perspective they need to make a qualified decision on what the agent and consumer need to get the job done.

Topics discussed in this episode:

[6:32 – 7:21] Will call centers ever become unnecessary? Yes incredible strides have been made in self service, but we will always need to be there, ready to have a human interaction with the customer in certain instances.

[11:05 – 11:50] CRMs were built for keeping track of interactions between the customer and the company, but here’s how they sometimes end up being more of a burden than a help.

[17:10 – 18:27] Leaders should go down to the call floor, take a call and answer a chat.

[20:17 -20:37] What are some non-variable principles that a CX leader should have in mind when integrating technology? It’s not about having the call go as quickly as possible, it’s about getting it right.

[23:54 – 24:45] Average hold time is a favorite metric for call center management because it impacts customer dissatisfaction greatly.

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