The Agent and Company Culture

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You’ll say you have competing priorities and you’re right. On one hand we have profitability and the other we have people. We can’t deny the importance of revenue and profitability, but, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we believe in focusing on the agent.

Today we welcome Hui Wu-Curtis from supportU to talk with us about the all-important business buzz-word: company culture.

To really measure company culture you have to look at how agents actually live. Do we have unreasonable expectations of them Do we have expectations that are inconsistent with the culture we claim to have?

It’s more than just putting the word “Diversity” on your website. We need to be willing to set performance, KPIs, and quality scores as secondary. We’re not saying it’s easy.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • Employees courageously giving feedback to their managers, also known as “managing up.”
  • Leaders modeling good reception of feedback.
  • Looking beyond a resume to find agents who will have stellar interactions with customers, relatability skills and a growth mindset.
  • Making sure we haven’t de-humanized our employees.

Topics discussed in this Episode:

[03:56] Healthy Company Culture Will Provide opportunities for otherwise marginalized people to shine, grow, and progress professionally.

[06:47] A Healthy view of Diversity will help agents to thrive and provide their maximum value to your CX organization.

[14:13] Spoken vs. Lived culture.

[20:59] A Healthy Cultural Ecosystem will help to RE-Humanize employees

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