Why Workflow Software is Essential for Agents

The technology you buy for your contact center directly impacts your business outcomes, agent success, and customer satisfaction. But with so many tools out there, which are the right ones for your business?

It can be difficult to find the technology you need to create a comprehensive and integrated system your agents can easily navigate. But workflow software can help.

We’ll walk you through what workflow management software is and isn’t—and how it helps agents meet customer expectations.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about workflow tools.

And it’s important to know why these myths simply aren’t true. Here are the top two workflow software misconceptions:

1. The future of contact center tech is entirely self-service based.

Your contact center’s IT budget should be spent on tech that yields higher customer satisfaction. And customers still prefer talking to agents, often resolving their issues with a live agent after unsuccessfully engaging with other channels.So the most effective way to manage your spend is to buy tools that help agents resolve customer issues with accuracy, consistency, and increased speed.

2. Many CX leaders think workflow tools are nearly impossible to keep up to date.

While workflows do require updates, it doesn’t have to be a tedious or complex process.

All it takes is setting up a clear procedure on how to revise or improve workflows—and having a dedicated partner to carry them out. When changes occur or new information needs to be added, you can coordinate with your software vendor to make updates as easy as possible.

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This is what workflow software offers.

Workflow management software is a concrete set of processes that guide the agent on how to resolve specific customer scenarios. Workflow tools like Vistio’s AgentHub deliver step-by-step instructions to agents, giving them the information they need when they need it.

Unlike CRMs or knowledge bases, workflow tools establish a clear procedure that takes the agent—and customer—from problem to solution.

Workflow management software:

  • Presents a clear, user-friendly interface
  • Delivers only the information the agent needs in the present situation
  • Removes the need for agents to memorize and recall processes
  • Guides agents through caller authentication and other standard procedures
  • Automatically documents notes for each call based on specific company criteria

How does workflow software help agents succeed?

Workflow tools do one very important thing: they simplify the agent’s role.

With workflow software, agents no longer need to multitask, search for answers, recall complex processes, or question how to proceed. Agents are given exactly what they need so they can confidently resolve customer issues faster than ever.

And without confusing or frustrating technology in the way, agents can focus on crafting the best customer experience possible, delivering:

  • More first-call resolutions
  • Reduced handle time
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Finding the best workflow tool for your contact center.

If you’re looking to buy a workflow tool to boost your contact center’s performance, there are a few things you need to consider to make sure you get the right one.

1. Understand and prioritize your contact centers’ needs.

Before beginning the buying process, it’s important to understand your contact centers’ needs.

Once you determine what those are, it’s time to prioritize the needs that will have a significant impact on your business outcomes and agent performance. That way, when you start your search, you can quickly rule out the workflow tools that don’t meet your priority needs, even if they fulfill less important ones.

2. Evaluate the level of support you need from a software vendor.

Start by assessing what kind of support will lead to optimal results for your contact center.

Do you want a hands-on vendor who provides support indefinitely after implementation? Or would you prefer a completely uninvolved vendor so your team can have complete control over configuring the software?

Answering these questions ahead of time is key to finding a vendor and workflow tool that creates lasting results for your contact center.

3. Get acquainted with every software vendor’s business model.

Making sure your vendor is right for you is critical in the software buying process. Even if the workflow software is a perfect fit, it won’t be as effective if the vendor’s business practices don’t line up with yours.

It’s essential to understand what every vendor offers and what type of vendor will work best for your contact center.

The right tool for your agents.

Workflow tools are made for agents. Unlike many contact center technologies, they offer clear, guided instructions, leading the way to improved agent confidence and performance.

See what Vistio can do for you.

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