Your Most Valuable Asset: The Agent-Centric Call Center Philosophy

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On this episode of, Vistio’s Rob Connelly talks about our agent-centric call center philosophy.

The call center agent is the single most important asset that you have. Training, technology buying, and positive team dynamics should all promote the well-being of the agent. Call centers are facing new labor and economic problems. Agents now often work from home and can change jobs easily in search of the best company culture. Data shows customer experience is suffering and a recession is looming. We need to improve customer experience while being mindful of these financial demands.

The answer is the agent. With the right training, tools and connection with your company the happy and fulfilled agent can keep your customers, produce more and contribute to the long-term success of your business.

Topics discussed in this Episode:

[02:01] The Call Center Business Faces Unique Labor Problems in Today’s Economy

[02:52] The Agent is the Single most important Asset in Call Center CX

[04:02] Agents with the right training, tools and connection with your company will be a revenue growth and protection center for your business or brand

[05:17] The right agents will be the best diagnostic tool you have to understand what’s going on in your business.

[07:09] The right agents will ensure that your customers are satisfied and connected.

[09:05] The right agents will produce more and better work.

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