Vistio Featured as HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor: Q1 2022

The HFS OneOffice™ Hot Vendors are an exclusive group of emerging service and technology providers set to impact and disrupt the market.

HFS analysts regularly speak with exciting start-ups and emerging players. They designate a select group as the HFS OneOffice™ Hot Vendors based on their offerings’ distinctiveness, ecosystem robustness, client impact, financial position, and impact in the HFS’ OneOffice™ Framework (Exhibit 1).

HFS’ take on Vistio

Author: Melissa O’Brien

While workflow tools are a dime a dozen, Vistio goes a step beyond with its intuitive guidance capability based on specific interaction types.

The deep level of customization paired with the ability to quickly create new workflows and interaction types seems to be striking the right balance with clients. Vistio does not try to boil the ocean like many contact-center-as-a-service and customer relationship management tools attempt; instead, its platform is a lightweight system of augmentation and assistance.

Contact centers are all about creating a better customer experience, quality, and efficiency, and Vistio helps its clients achieve that. Most importantly, Vistio helps solve the most important problem that contact centers have always faced: attrition.

Employee engagement is a critical pillar of our OneOffice™ mindset; Vistio is enabling customer-facing employees to put their best foot forward, effectively connecting employee experience and customer experience.

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How Vistio turns contact center agents into enabled experts

The contact center world has faced unprecedented challenges in the past two years, not the least of which includes working-from-home nuances to employee engagement, privacy, and logistics issues. One issue that has remained steadfast since well before the pandemic is the need for managing workflows and a seemingly endless trough of systems to pull data from. This complexity has made agent engagement and efficiency a constant problem, contributing to attrition and a general lack of satisfaction for agents attempting to solve customer issues.

Vistio brings a mixture of technology, data, and methodology to help call centers to solve these complex problems. Vistio is a workflow-oriented solution that allows agents to navigate their interactions with customers more easily. Vistio provides on-screen guidance for agents to interact with customers, providing next step options, scripting, and pulling data from different systems to inform them of critical customer information.

Vistio is implemented in the client’s environment using low-code development and requiring minimal IT intrusion. Clients spend approximately 90 days on the initial setup followed by about a month for discovery and analysis of the call patterns, learning training documents, knowledge bases, and process flows, and finally, by implementing and testing the tool with agents. It is important to note that the call flows being programmed for guidance are not all straightforward, simple interactions; in many cases, such as a health insurance claims demo we witnessed, the calls are very complex.

Clients say that the Vistio implementation has had tremendous benefits for agents and end customers. Quickly getting agents up to speed with training has been the greatest benefit for one client we spoke to; giving staff more confidence to move from the training environment to live calls significantly decreased attrition levels. Vistio also improved clients’ quality scores and customer satisfaction, and it decreased average handle time.

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